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PETA is famous with its brave and clever campaigns. Nudity seems to be their trade mark


According to animal activist from PETA, the only way to decrease the number of homeless cats and dogs dumped in shelters, where most of them are eventually euthanized, is animal birth control. This is exactly what this clever campaign with adult movie star Sasha Grey promotes. 

The phrase “Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing: Have your cats and dogs spayed or neutered” is fresh and catchy. The photos are sexy and artsy. The cause is good. What more does it take to make it work? 

Please spread the word!  

Read more and watch a video at

It is always difficult to find the best present for your friends and family. Especially when you are coming from a vacation abroad and want to bring them something thoughtful/practical/beautiful that carries the spirit of the place you visited.  

In addition to the traditional handicrafts, key chains, fridge magnets, postcards, or duty free items, I rediscovered an often-underestimated type of souvenir.  

The Pomegranate, Rambutan and Mangostan from Duabi turned out to be a delicious souvenir for our Bulgarian friends


As unusual and exotic presents from Dubai, we brought several kinds of fruit that are unfamiliar on the Bulgarian market. The most well-liked was the mangostan, a sweet fruit with a hard violet peel and a soft white heart from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The persimmon originating from Japan, also known as “paradise apple,” and the rambutan from Thailand, or “hairy litchi,” were the other fruit that captured our taste buds and hearts.  The nuts-filled dates and the pomegranate, although well-known to us Bulgarians, were also among our favorites.  

The best part of giving such an organic gift is sitting around the table and sharing the interesting fruit as well as sharing your adventures with your guests.  Enjoying the fruit makes them co-experience your voyage.

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