The best thing about school are vacations: like this one, in Mexico

Today is for packing and getting ready for a new semester in Boston.

I’ve always felt the butterflies in my stomach the day before classes start.

 Having to leave the house early in the morning, not knowing what new commitments I would have to make and what tasks I would have to accomplish, has always filled me with anxiousness. I’ve never been a bad student , and I’ve always had good friends in class, so I guess my fears don’t make sense. 

Yet somehow the day before going back to school after a break and meeting with all those students and teacher all over again has always been a challenge. Maybe it is because I cherish my freedom so much and I want to dedicate my time only to things that I am passionate about. Maybe it is because I was self-conscious and doubted my motivation and abilities.

And today, maybe it is because I am so far away from my home and I am still questioning my ability to meet the challenge I set for myself by coming here.