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Munich is surrounded by "controlled" woods, which aim to compensate for the city's heavy pollution from gas emissions


Sofia 2020 started as the innovative project of twelve architects who share their vision for the future of the beautiful capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. 

The web platform demonstrates several conceptual projects that would improve the city environment: bicycle alleys, pedestrian zones, city sights, and offers the chance for professionals and citizens to discuss these ideas. The goal is to inspire governmental agencies and entrepreneurs to invest in a newer and better Sofia. 

The project that strikes me as genious and simple is a proposal for a new law that obliges every citizen who owns a car to plant a tree in specified uncultivated lands around Sofia. One new tree for every new car. How simple and easy is that? Planting doesn’t have to be done by the person him/herself and shouldn’t take much resources or effort. But it would raise the awareness of both the government and the private citizen about abundance of desolated land around our capital and its potential use. In a fast-developing city like Sofia, construction sites appear around every corner while green areas disappear at an exponential rate. We need businesses that build shopping malls and office buildings, but we also need ones that develop more environmentally friendly sites.  

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