I wish there were streets like this in Boston. Still, there are beautiful places, such as North End and downtown, which carry the spirit of Europe

I hadn’t seen Bailey since the study abroad semester in Madrid last summer. She spent the fall in Ecuador, where she met a charming young man named Andres and has been living in an Ecuadorian romance since.

After a very energizing aeroboxing class (and a shower) at FitRec, I picked up Bailey from her StuVi2 apartment and we hopped on the T. We had so much to talk about! Spain and our friends there! Her adventures in Ecuador, mine in Dubai and Florida! We strolled down the beautifully lit Newbury street and talked about all the cities we’ve lived in.

We thought it would be a nice continuation of our tradition to find a quaint Spanish restaurant. In honor of the good old times, we ordered sangria and tapas: sizzling shrimp with garlic, goat cheese with honey,chicken croquettes, and lobster ravioli. Delicious! We told each other stories about the most romantic surprises our boyfriends made us and how much we missed them now that they are so far away from us, hers in Ecuador and mine in Florida.

Sometimes, having dinner with a girlfriend at a cute little Spanish restaurant can be the most relaxing thing in the world.