Timmy just came back from a jousting tournament in Florida!! Yes, the Medieval sport where two knights with long lances spur their horses on each other! Yes, in 2010 in the States!

It seems that the National Jousting Association frequently recreates the 12th century sport – with all the traditional shiny armor, with different competitions with lances, sword, axes, and daggers. And the stallions were gorgeous, Timmy said. People are dressed up as peasantry and nobility and really do compete! And the American crowd obviously loves it. Actually, Wikipedia shows, jousting is the official state sport of Maryland. It was the first sport to become official anywhere in the States. So it was not baseball, to Red Sox’ fans greatest dismay!!

I am so jealous of him for going! Sounds like something amazing to witness! A living anachronism! Well, I hope he enjoyed himself and felt at least a little bit like a knight himself. He is my knight in shiny armor afterall.