One of the greatest commercials ever made about the greatest whiskey-makers dynasty ever born.

Breathtaking windpipe music and a spectacular road view in the background.

“Hey piper, shut it!” And the Scottish actor Robert Carlyle starts narrating the story of the young lad named John and the Johnnie Walker brand.

When he was only 14, young John inherited a grocery store from his father. There, John developed a passion for blending different single malts. Later his sons, who carried the same entrepreneurial spirit, further developed the whiskey, and their brand became a leader in the industry.  Some of their trade marks became the square bottle, the tilted at exactly 24 degrees label, and the slogan Keep Walking.

As the narrator keeps walking on a picturesque mountainous road, various artifacts like portraits, bar doors, and barrels illustrate his story. The Scottish accent, in perfect synchrony with the soundtrack, recreates the truly unique atmosphere of Johnny Walker’s magnificent journey. 

A state-of-the-art commercial about ambition and true Scottish spirit.