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Today Eva and I were thinking about the eternal songs that never fail to touch our souls.

She named Ederlezi as her all-time favorite. Ederlezi is  a song about the life of Gypsy or Roma people on the Balkans. The name originally signifies a the Muslim holiday celebrating spring, but the Slavs on the Balkans have long ago assimilated this holiday into the Christian St. George’s Day. Ederlezi originated as a folk song and was immortalized by the music of Goran Bregovic. Today, there are versions of the lyrics in Roma, Serbian, and Bulgarian. 

The song I chose as one that always filles me with emotions is Horchat Hai Caliptus, or translated from Hebrew, Eucalyptus Forest. It is a song about the Palestinians and the Israeli, and the beauty of the Jordan river shores despite of any wars. The song is originally sang by Ishtar, but here I am posting a cover by Bulgarian Music Idol contestant Preslava Peicheva. I am sure that Ishtar wouldn’t mind this gentle voice singing her song.

Both songs leave a bittersweet feeling in your heart. They are both about ancient peoples whose historical fates have been filled with turmoil, but whose culture and traditions have been kept alive through the years. I think this is what makes these two songs so powerful.

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