My first belly-dancing class was this Wednesday! My instructor, Anita-Cristina dances for the Goddess Dancing belly-dancing troupe, and she is a charming lady! Her dance group “empowers women” through teaching them how to awaken their spirits and bodies! She encourages us to express our emotions and to create our own unique style of dancing. She tells us that knowing ourselves and the power of our feminine movements means to love ourselves! I find this philosophy wonderful and relaxing!  

In Dubai, I watched beautiful bellydancing, and I was inspired to take a class


During the first lesson, she taught us how to isolate the hips and tummy and how to do the shimmy-shimmy! We dance to amazing Middle Eastern rhythms, which are not that different from what I’m used to listen to in Bulgarian clubs (but a little bit more traditional and classy). I can’t wait until she shows us how to use the veils!   

Check out The Goddess Dancing website! 

And I am off reading more about this form of art!