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My belly dancing class is going great, thank you for asking!

Last week I bought my orange hip scarf! It has metal coins that clink when I do the shimmies and create an energetic beat that really spices up the dance! The girls I dance with liked my scarf so much that they were asking me to put it on today, so I did (although I would’ ve been coy otherwise) and I really enjoyed myself so much more! Now all of them are buying hip scarves, and we’ll all dance with them – just for the fun of it!!

Its only our fourth class, but we already isolate the head, the shoulders, the heart, the belly, and the hips and layer their vertical and horizontal circles with different shimmies. We do several traveling steps and basic combinations. We also learned some beautiful hand motions like the lotus flower and the snake undulations. These make me feel so graceful!

The best part of today’s class were the veils! Our belly-dancing teacher brought ten beautiful veils from light, semi-transparent silks and chiffons, and showed us how to play and dance with them. She encourages us to find our unique movements and to interpret our veil dances the way we feel them. It is wonderful how distinctive each of us looks!

In this dance, my teacher said, we are very lucky to have the veil. It has a deep symbolical meaning: the veil is the boundary between the ordinary world and the magical, the mysterious, the belly-dancing woman. The veil is there to conceal and preserve the most precious…

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