The Irish Catholic Easter tradition turned out to be very similar to ours!

I'm not sure if I prefer sweet chocolate bunnies or cute real bunnies

My Easter Sunday began with mass in a beautiful Catholic church. Some people seemed bright-eyed and cheerful, some had come mainly to see their neighbors and socialize, and some were obviously fulfilling their yearly duty of going to church. So far, same like us the Orthodox!

Had there been kids around, they would have participated in an Easter egg hunt, the equivalent of our battles with eggs. In this hunt, parents put candy, money, or clues in hollow eggs and hide them all over the house and garden. Kids compete to be the one to find all their eggs first. I wish I could hunt for Easter eggs too!

Easter dinner in the Irish custom was a lovely experience! Timmy’s family prepared shrimp and fresh cheese-filled celery for appetizers and honey glazed pork with scalloped potatoes and green peas as the main course. The aunts, uncles, some of the cousins, the grandparents, and some neighbors sat around the table on the porch, ate, talked, told jokes, and laughed until the wine and the chocolate eggs were gone. Once again, same like my family!

Looks like Easter is a great holiday everywhere!