I would like to tell you about a sun-girl who creates treasures of beauty and happiness.

Lalo Orna is a unique jewelry-maker.  She gets inspiration for her artistic creations, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, key chains, and candleholders, from her dreams, her friends’ wishes, and the people and places she gets involved with.

The designer’s home is Israel, but her jewelry factory is in Bulgaria. The LALO brand has stores in Tel Aviv, Sofia, Boston, Tokyo, and Kazakhstan, and distributors in many countries in Europe and Asia.

In fact, I knew the brand well before I knew its workshop was in Bulgaria. I went in the designer store on Boston’s Newbury Street thinking that this is some famous Western brand. I was greatly surprised when the salesperson told me that Lalo Orna is based in a small village near Sofia. I raised my eyes from the colorful rings and bracelets on the shelves and, indeed, I saw landscapes from my native region and photos of smiling women in folk garments with beads and threads in their hands. Naturally, I immediately bought several LALO pieces for my closest friends!

I hope the LALO treasures bring happiness to you too.