East Meets Barry West (official website) is an independent movie about two UK tourists’ encounter with the Bulgarian mafia!

An Irish man gets lost while traveling in Bulgaria. In between drinking with old Bulgarian folk, waking up besides goats, and fighting with Bulgarian auto mechanics, he meets Lisa, and Englishwoman who is desperately trying to save her sister from the hands of her lover, the Bulgarian mafioso and boss of the entire hospitality business of Varna, Plamen.

A really witty portrayal of the stereotypes about Eastern European mafia and the Bulgarian culture!  The movie is in English and Bulgarian, with English subtitles; starring English and Bulgarian actors, including Bulgarian r’n’b star Big Sha.

Things I love about the movie:

  • Magazine + pack of cigarettes = 80 English pennies
  • Old ladies singing in traditional costumes
  • Village’s mayor brings rakia to the feast (read my previous post Distilling rakia in honor of tax evasion)
  • Calling the trabant a “sex machine”. My other favorite nickname for the beloved East Germany two-stroke-engine automobile is “sex on wheels”
  • Mafiosos speaking English with thick Balkan accent
  • Hot Bulgarian girls ( and beautiful Veliko Turnovo and Varna scenes)

Find all the parts of the movie in YouTube! And don’t forget to pay attention to the beautiful places!