Today is My Birthday! 

Since I feel very wise with my just recently completed twenty-two years of rich life experience, I would like to share with you one of the most important lessons I learned in the past 365 days.

A friend isn’t someone you necessarily have known for a long time or someone you think you know very well. It doesn’t have to be the one you expect or the one you hope for.

A friend could be a recent acquaintance or a previous casual encounter that you have already forgotten. It can definitely hit you like lightning and light up the whole road ahead of you.

I wanted to express my gratitude to exactly those true friends whose companionship presented me with the best gift: some of my brightest and warmest memories.

… To the cousin I had been estranged from for many years – our renewed friendship showed me that blood is blood and that there is a lot that connects us whether we remembered it or not,

… To the friend of a friend of a friend whom I had met only once before she offered me hospitality and camaraderie beyond imagination – I intend to follow your example and open my home and heart to every guest or lone stranger in a foreign land,

… To the one whose brief introduction impressed me and whose getting-to-know has completely charmed me and inspired me to pursue my own epic journey – I want to be brave like you and never stop traveling,

And to all other new and old friends of mine, A BIG THANK YOU! You are my best birthday present!

A friend is like a gemstone that you find on your way and keep as a good luck charm.