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My belly-dancing teacher says that motion is joy. Through movement, you become comfortable in your body and find the center of your vital energy. While dancing, she says, learn to feel good about stretching your whole spine from the neck to the tail. Reach out your long arms from the shoulder to the tip of the finger and feel every muscle on the way. Then curve back like a cat and let the veil caress you while you relax. Feel good about moving, and your audience will enjoy your dance.    

She says that different movements evoke different sensations, but there is one movement that best concentrates and amplifies the energy of a woman. It is not the skipping of the ballerina or the shaking of the latino diva; and it is definitely not the grinding of a clubber.

The most sensual motion for a woman is the undulation. Undulations follow the natural female curves. They are waves of energy that pass through the female body, the arms, the diaphragm, the arch of the back, the belly; especially the belly, where they gently massage the organs. Undulations lend us charm and gracefulness. They follow the fluidity of our flesh. They symbolize waves of pleasure or the blissful contractions of childbirth.

My belly-dancing teacher says that undulations harmonize us and makes us feel feminine and alive.


Read more about the belly-dancing classes I’m taking here.


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